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    "The Canadian Church of God Ministries exists to participate
    in the kingdom of God by developing disciple-making congregations."


    First, and most importantly, we are a group of people trying to follow the way of Jesus together.

    We are a global family of 7,300 churches with 22 of those congregations here in western Canada.
    We also oversee Deer Valley Meadows, a retreat center near Alix, Alberta.

    Great question. We're part of something called the Church of God Movement, which is distinguished by a major centre in Anderson, Indiana. The name may sound a bit egotistical, but don't fear, we don't mean it to say we are God's church and no one else is. The Church of God movement began with a desire for Christians to come together in unity as one church. The name "Church of God" was selected because of its common use in the Bible about the church. It started in the USA in the 1880's and has since spread around the world. Church of God groups around the world associate with one another for the common purposes of mission, theological dialogue, and ecumenical initiatives.

    Here in western Canada, we are a Regional Team ministry, which includes a home base office in Camrose, Alberta that takes care of administrative work, like setting up this website and organizing annual events that allow everyone to come together and exchange ideas. As well, being a federally registered entity there are legal requirements that need to be taken care of to keep it all in good standing. We strive to give individual churches the freedom to reach their unique settings, trusting in their ability to hear from God and act accordingly.

    We are a church, coming from something called the Holiness Movement (key words to search on wikipedia: Wesleyan, Arminian, Anabaptist, Free-church, Protestant). We don't hold a formal membership (though many congregations create annual lists of voters for business purposes). We tend to hold a commitment to seeking what Christians have in common and to build on those things rather than emphasizing differences. We believe strongly in the work of God's Spirit in the church and in the lives of individuals to:
         -make us aware of our need for change and transformation
         -convince us that we are loved and accepted, forgiven of all wrongs
         -give us new life
         -help us to understand and apply the teachings of the Bible
         -make us more like Jesus in character
         -give us giftings and abilities for service


    The basis for our beliefs comes from the Bible, and while any number of different interpretations can be drawn from scripture, we agree on some of the basics. For example, we believe:

    - that God is one but in three expressions (trinity)
    - that the Bible is the word of God, which we hold as our guide in life
    - that Jesus was born, lived, taught, was killed, and came back to life as was written in the Bible
    - that Jesus' death and resurrection act to free us from our lives of sin
    - that God has given persons a freewill to choose for Him or against Him
    - that God's Spirit lives in those who believe in and follow the way of Jesus- 
    - in the practise of believer's baptism and the observance of the Lord's Supper
    - that Jesus will come back to earth at the end of time
    - in eternal judgement and reward - heaven and hell


    1. We will ensure that every pastor is being disciple to make disciples by December 2020.
    2. We will build and develop our strategic vocational leadership development pathway by 2021.
    3. We will launch three new church communities of innovative (worship, community & mission) models by 2021 (not a "Come to" model).
    4. We will communicate a clear, compelling vision of our mission by February 2022.
    5. We will foster greater cooperation and ownership with our leaders and churches by 2024.


    George Lutzer
    GEORGE LUTZER - Executive Director

    Tim Clarke

    Chief Operating Officer, Strategic Advancement

    MARK BAUGHMAN - Director of Finance

    R - Executive Assistant


    Michael Blackmer

    MICHAEL BLACKMER - Director of Missions

    JOHN CAMPBELL - Director of Credentials


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    The Canadian Church of God Ministries
     serves 22 congregations in the four western Canadian provinces, namely:


       BARRHEAD (Email link only)

       BRAGG CREEK - Bragg Creek Community Church

       CALGARY - Glamorgan Church of God

       CAMROSE - Camrose Church of God

       CARSTAIRS (Email link only) - Living Hope Community Church

       DRAYTON VALLEY - Drayton Valley Church of God

       EDMONTON - Holyrood Community Church

       EDMONTON - Grace Point Church of God

       EDMONTON - The Journey Church of God

       MEDICINE HAT - Southview Church of God

       PARADISE VALLEY - Paradise Valley Church of God

          WETASKIWIN - Wetaskiwin Church of God


    CASTLEGAR - Kinnaird Church of God

    CHILLIWACK - Rosedale Community Church of God

    RICHMOND - Trinity Pacific Church

    VERNON - Pleasant Valley Church of God


    MORDEN - Morden Church of God

    WINNIPEG - Crosspoint Community Church


    CHURCHBRIDGE (Email link only)

    ERWOOD (HUDSON BAY) (Email link only)

    SASKATOON - Riverbend Church of God

    SWIFT CURRENT - East Side Church of God


    The Board of Directors function as the legal representatives of the
    Canadian Church of God Ministries.

    They provide vision and establish direction for the
    Canadian Church of God Ministries.

    Pillars of vision for the Canadian Church of God Ministries:
    Effective Leadership
    Dynamic Congregational Life
    Relevant, Reproducing Faith Communities

    Don Bergquist - 2024
    Mark Kowalko - 2024
    Jeff Peter - 2024
    Rose Purschke - 2023
    Blake Schroeder - 2023
    Cynthia Pelletier - 2023
    Chad Brundage - 2022
    Reg Hildebrand - 2022
    Randy Roesler - 2022