Whether you are a church planter, a church that is interested in planting, replanting or multi-site, CCOGM is ready to serve you.  We would like to help you discern what God is saying. We do this through a series of interviews, prayer and formal assessment.  Do you have the character and skills to plant? What gaps may exist in your experience? What is your understanding of, and motivation for, church planting?  As God directs us together, we may invite you to participate in a Formal Church Planter's Assessment Centre.  Here are some more resources to checkout as you discern what God may be saying.


The New Leaf Network is a collaborative network working to support church planters and starters across Canada. A variety of people from a variety of denominations have gathered together to see how a network of support can benefit everyone. The Network has an advisory team that curates networks of connection across Canada.  https://www.newleafnetwork.ca. 


C2C Network exists to be a catalyst for church planting and multiplication.  Our movement is built on a solid trust and dependence upon the Spirit of God.  we pray for workers, for finances, and for the appropriate locations and strategies, and God is answering those prayers! https://www.c2cnetwork.ca


CP Canada

Church Planting Canada
is a learning community of 25+ denominations and catalyzing networks. Our member organizations (who also fund and lead CPC) seek to serve Jesus Christ through the commissioning of all kinds of new churches across our nation. Over 1000 leaders participate in CPC’s national, regional and local conversations.  http://www.churchplantingcanada.ca/welcome


Vision Ministries Canada (VMC) exits to move the mission of God forward by cultivating a collaborative network of churches who together with VMC are starting new churches, and helping existing churches fulfil their mandate more effectively.


- Church Planting Congress www.churchplantingcanada.ca/congress 

- Transitional Conference http://en.outreach.ca/servingyou/churchhealth/transitionalleadership.aspx 

The Canadian Church of God Ministries takes advantage of Church Planter Assessment Centre to determine readiness to plant. A preliminary assessment will be done with Regional Office Staff along with the use of outside assessments. 








Here are some policies that guide our development of missional communities:

1. The Church Planter must pass the Church planting assessment process.
2. The Church Planter is expected to avail him/herself to the resources/training provided by the Regional Office.
3. The Church Planter will have their credentials approved by the Division of Ministerial Credentials.
4. The Church Planter must be willing to serve within a system of accountability.
5. The Church Planter must submit a comprehensive Church Planting proposal to the Regional Office for acceptance.
6. The Church Plant (Missional Community) will agree to tithe its general income to the General Assembly.



A new work often goes through various stages of development before becoming a viable congregation.  The Canadian Church of God Ministries wishes to encourage and partner with congregations as they develop new ministries.

1. Core nucleus - A group of 6-25 can be viewed as a bona fide group with which the Regional office will hold exploratory conversations concerning the process of church planting. 

2. Church of God Fellowship - A group of 25 or more committed adults meeting with some regularity for edification may be considered for some “pre-natal” assistance:  The assumption is that the character of the group in doctrine and practice, would be congruent with the Church of God. Assistance may include: -Consultation in developing a viable church plant project plan

-Funding for training and conferences
-Specific grants for research and exploring interest
-Providing of resources to enable increasing the numbers in the group prior to going public
-Recognition as a constituent part of the General Assembly though not as an approved congregation with delegates
-Provided that a budget is prepared for functioning as a Fellowship and accurate giving records are kept and reported, tax receipting can be provided by the Regional Office.

3. Church Plant Project - When a group has reached the strength of 50 committed adults it may be considered as a possible Church Planting Project.  The following details would need to be in place to have this status:

-An approved set of by-laws adequate for a viable congregation
-A governing board composed within CCRA rules (arms-length membership)
-Ability to meet the requirements for incorporation and receiving a CCRA receipting number
-A recognized leader/pastor. The pastor must qualify to hold credentials with the Church of God.
-A proper system for financial management.

Upon meeting the above conditions, the group could apply to be considered as a project under the Regional Office.  The level of financial support would be evaluated on a case-by-case basis with an agreement drawn up with all the particulars.

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