Family Camp:

    July 11-17, 2022 

    Recording Links of Sessions (audio only)

    July 14 -Session 1 Speaking of Blessing -Joseph (Genesis 39)

    July 15 -Session 2 The Problem of IT

    July 15 -Session 3 Speaking of Pain (Psalm 13)

    July 16 -Session 4 How Jesus maintained IT

    July 16 - Session 5 Stories to Inspire

    July 17 -Session 6 Sunday Morning

    Registration is now closed, see you in 2023!

    We have some great things planned for this year's event.  The camp will be in two parts, Monday - Thursday is an unplugged experience with ministries for youth and kids.  Starting Thursday night will be the full plugged-in program.

    Matt Boda is our speaker for Family Camp 2022. He is the Lead Pastor of RockPointe Church. He and his wife Jamie have five daughters. Matt loves his family, friendships, surprising people, eating sushi, watching movies, and reading great books. He is a Saskatchewan Roughriders fan.

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    Located at Deer Valley Meadows

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