Watch for further announcements and dates regarding LeaderConnect/AGM 2022


    Each congregation with lay delegates is required to complete this form and return to the Regional Office by FEBRUARY 8th, 2022. The purpose of this form is to certify the Lay Delegates as the selected and approved delegates by the Congregation for the purpose of representation at the Annual General Meeting for Canadian Church of God Ministries. The form must be signed by the Church Chairperson.

    It is possible that this year your congregation may postpone the holding of its AGM. If this is the case, the delegates that were selected for last years CCOGM AGM, can represent your congregation again if necessary. Should you have questions or if you are looking for more information regarding the postponement of your congregation's AGM, please contact Mark Baughman (markb@chog.ca) for provincial specific guidance.


    The Canadian Church of God Ministries exists to participate in the Kingdom of God by developing disciple-making congregations.




    (Please print/sign/scan and return to office@chog.ca by February 8, 2021)

    See AGM 2021 Documents under the Resources Tab(password protected)


    AGM Delegate Responsibilities - Policy

     AGM Delegates should be individuals who are fully aware of the circumstances and issues facing their local church so that the interests of the congregation can be represented at the AGM.  Preferably a delegate would be in a leadership position such as the local Board of Trustees, Leadership Team or Deacons.  Not only would they have a solid understanding of their church, they would also be in a better position to implement ideas and proposals approved at the AGM.

    The following are expectations that the Canadian Church of God Ministries has of its delegates (including pastors) to our Annual General Meeting:

    1.  Preview materials that come before AGM to: acquaint yourself with the material; inform your local congregation of items that will be dealt with at AGM; and get your congregation’s feedback on those items or any other items. Discuss as needed with your pastor(s) or board chairs.

    2.  Attend AGM and be prepared to participate in discussion and vote on items requiring decision.

    3.  Report back to your congregation what happened at AGM (including budget support).

    4.  During the following year you will receive the minutes of the AGM and regular email updates on events, news, etc.

    5.  You remain the delegate for the entire year until the next AGM.


    1.  Attendance at the Annual Conference and subsequent Business Meeting is not limited. At the time of registration for the business meeting portion of the AGM, attendees will be asked to select one delegate role -- either Pastoral, Minister, Lay Delegate.

    2.  Expenses incurred for attendance at LeaderConnect and the Annual General Meeting are the responsibility of the attendee or the church they represent. (Subject to travel pool adjustments as necessary.)

    3. The Board of Directors does not mandate attendance at LeaderConnect/AGM by members of any committee of CCOGM, as they do not qualify as delegates.

    4. Churches are expected to select delegates for the business meeting without consideration of their board or committee work.