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EMERGE is a Mentorship initiative for High School Students throughout our network.
EMERGE is for students that show leadership potential and who take their walk with God seriously.
Our Youth Task Force developed this initiative several years ago and determined 3 values for Emerge.
1. To foster strong connections throughout our network and encourage young leaders. Students are required to seek out volunteer opportunities in their local church.
2. To provide opportunities for students to learn and grow in their leadership potential. Each year we facilitate the EMERGE retreat at Deer Valley Meadows Camp.
3. To see each student have an opportunity for discipleship by an adult mentor in their community. Each year EMERGE starts with a weekend retreat (This year it will be in April and November, we cover the costs once you arrive at DVM).
Learning opportunities of EMERGE are:
Spiritual Gifts, Ministry style, Personality style, Spiritual disciplines, devotional preparation/leadership, meal prep, worship preparation/leadership, Service projects and more.

Each First Year student must fill out an application form found at chog.ca complete with a pastoral reference.

If you have any other questions, please contact one of the Youth Task Force:
Dave Van Roon: davev@chog.ca
Chad Brundage: chadinparadise@gmail.com
Leah Holmes: leahsholmes@gmail.com
Syd Bergsma: syd@gracepointchurch.ca
Matthew Bitzer: matt@gracepointchurch.ca


Emerge will look different then other years, please come prepared to accept that we have had to make changes to what and how we do things so that we can go ahead with this time together.
*As part of your departure preparations we will ask all attendants to complete the Alberta Health "Daily Fit for Work or Visitor Screening" questionnaire as a pre screening tool and provide a completed copy with your signed waiver & consent form to your Youth Leader prior to departure from your home church.
*By choosing to attend this event you are agreeing to follow the requirements for social distancing, mask wearing, hand sanitization as we all make every effort to prevent the transmission of Covid 19.
*Please bring your own Masks
*accommodations will be arranged as one person / room in order to comply with spacing requirements