If you are a Student Leader looking for resources to develop student leaders:

- Consider attending the Youth Leaders Summit - a training event for both youth leaders and their team leaders, held in Banff, AB each year in October.

- Consider sending your emerging leaders to Emerge - an experiential based leadership development event designed to challenge your key youth to become better leaders.

If you're looking for accredited institutions of Higher Education with a concentration on Bible that the Canadian Church of God Ministries has partnership with and/or recommends for obtaining a BA or MA degree:

- Ambrose University College www.ambrose.edu
- Rocky Mountain College  www.rockymountaincollege.ca 
- Briercrest Bible College www.briercrest.ca

Additional Recommendations:
- Taylor Seminary & EP Wahl Centre (Edmonton, AB)  www.Taylor-Edu.ca
- Columbia Bible College www.columbiabc.edu
- Providence College (Otterburne, MB) www.providencecollege.ca


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How to Give to the Leadership Development Initiative:

The Leadership Development Initiative is set up to receive two types of gifts. You can give to the Leadership Endowment Fund or to the Leadership Development Fund.

Gifts to the Endowment are invested on your behalf and 100% of the gain each year is granted for leadership development. Your gift to the endowment will provide for on-going leadership development in the future.

Gifts to the Leadership Development fund are dispersed according to the leadership development policies. One hundred percent of these gifts can be granted in the year they are given.

Call Mark Baughman at the Regional Office to make the necessary arrangements to give to Leadership Development Initiative.