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Hello Church of God Pastors and Lay Leaders,
We are about to embark on another year of Emerge.  Emerge is a 3 year track that we have been able to offer students that are in Grade 10 or 11 and exhibit leadership capabilities.  We know that if these students aren’t being given opportunities to use their gifts in the church, they will use them outside of it.  If they are not being discipled inside of the church, they will find people that will invest in them outside of the church.  Emerge wants to help!
To this end we want to encourage all of you to think about students in your church family that would be interested in this. Challenge them!  The invitation cover letter will be able to give a little bit more information and feel free to contact any of the Youth Task Force team members for more information.  Thank you!

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Emerge Leaders - Building up today’s young leaders  
Mission: To come alongside students that exhibit leadership qualities and to encourage them to develop and utilize their God-given talents and gifts in God’s Kingdom.

Values: Creating strong connections between the Canadian Church of God Ministries and the student leaders so that:
• Students feel valued
• Students are resourced
• Students are encouraged

Connecting student leaders across Western Canada with each other through:
• Yearly Emerge Weekend
• Optional events: Youth Camp, Frostover, Youth Leaders Summit, etc.
• Social Media such as Facebook

Discipling students, ensuring that:
• Each student is paired with a loving mentor within their congregation
• Monthly meetings occur with mentor to encourage and challenge student
• Accountability is present to help grow the student to Christ-likeness

To see students serving in their congregations and within Canadian Church of God Ministries regions so that we:
• Help students discover their role in the Kingdom
• Allow students to utilize their gifts and talents
• Provide opportunities to stretch their skill set
• Empower young people to lead

Resource mentors so that they can:
• Effectively mentor students 
• Be connected to other mentors to share wisdom and resources

 Students: We are looking for students who:
• Are followers of Christ
• Display leadership qualities/abilities
• Have a desire to serve at a local Church of God congregation
• Are willing to be mentored

Students’ responsibilities are to: 
• Complete assigned reading(s) 
• Meet with mentor monthly 
• Complete yearly feedback questionnaire 
• Attend yearly Emerge weekends
• Serve in local congregation
• Be open to be held accountable to live a God-honoring life
• Take part in a missions trip
• Propose a leadership project and see it through completion

Mentors:  We desire to see Mentors who:
• Are devoted followers of Christ
• Live God-honoring lives
• Serve in a local Church of God 
• Have the discipline to meet with students monthly
• Are encouraging and edifying
• Have gone through the Plan to Protect training and know its regulations Mentors will be connected by:
• knowing who other mentors are in the Emerge process
• Emails sent out monthly with updates Mentors will be held accountable through quarterly connection with youth task force member designated for their region

Mentors will be given resources on how best to mentor their students.
Mentors will ensure students are:
• In ministry positions • Being challenged • Serving in areas of leadership

Process – 3 year commitment – students/mentors will have an assigned reading to thoroughly study throughout the year.  They will be the catalyst for discussion during monthly meetings. 1st year – Celebration of Disciplines • One discipline (chapter) a month 2nd year • The Christian Atheist (Goeschel) • Radical (Platt) 3rd year • The Bible (in a year) • Submit proposal for providing leadership for an event o Youth camp, vbs, soccer camp, missions trip, new ministry, etc.

Youth Task Force Roles • Mentor Accountability – according to regions, youth task force members will have quarterly contact with mentors, encouraging them and resourcing them.  Mentors will be able to contact their YTF member for support at anytime. • Plan and facilitate Emerge weekend • Approve applicants and mentors • Update social media to keep students and mentors connected • Follow up with Emerge graduates

EMERGE Weekend Event
1. Students - Take part in all planned activities; Plan Sunday service (worship, drama, ushering, children’s ministry, preaching, Sunday school, etc.) 
2. 1st year responsibilities: Create meal plan; Grocery shopping; Prepare meals; Take Spiritual Gift Inventory 
3. 2nd year responsibilities:Give guidance to 1st years regarding meal preparation; Prepare devotions and study times for weekend; Cleanup after meals; Take Personality Test 
4. 3rd year responsibilities: Evangelize in the community (method to be discovered); Reflect on first two years of Emerge; Give input and ideas to plan next years Emerge 
5. Host church expectations: Provide sleeping arrangements; Outline Sunday morning involvement; Provide and plan service op
portunities in the community; Provide recreational options; Provide personal hygiene options (showers)