Canadian Church of God Ministries

 Furaha Logo  Multitudes of children in the developing world need HOPE to survive, to become all they could be. Malnutrition, disease, hunger, polluted water, and other forms of deprivation will stunt their growth and stifle their spirits. Orphaned by war, abandoned by parents or cared for as well as possible by impoverished and uneducated families, many children are receiving supportive care through the ministry of the Church of God in Uganda and other places.
   Furaha Sponsorship Program is Canadian administered by Julie Wiebe. The Canadian Church of God Ministries also supports and participates in Furaha program. The program has been active since September 1988.
   Our Canadian Sponsorship Team members are: Ken and Julie Wiebe. The Director in Africa is missionary Colleen Stevenson.
   If you would like the opportunity to help provide nutrition, health care, education and Christian love to needy children through the ministry of the Church of God, the Furaha sponsorship Program is for you. Cost is $30.00/month. To enroll, please fill out the brochure and mail it to:
     Canadian Church of God Ministries, Unit #102, 4909B - 48 St, Camrose, AB T4V 1L7. 
     You may also choose additional payment options: EFT or Pay Pay ($31.09/month) found on our website under Donations/Payments.

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