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A congregation in transition between pastors is in a very important and strategic place. It is a place of assessment so that the congregation can embrace the future. There are eight goals for the congregation in transition . You can review those eight goals by reviewing this article .

** One of the first contacts by a congregation without a pastor ought to be the Regional Office of the Canadian Church of God Ministries. One of the main roles of the office is to guide a congregation through the transitional process. Here is a document ( Part 1 & Part 2 ) that describes the process. It can assist in finding interim ministers; guide the search process for a new pastor; help in screening possible candidates; and provide guidance in building a pastor's pay package . See Salary grid.

In addition the office can administer the Ministry Match, a tool that helps identify a pastors gifts, passions, and leadership style. Here is a link to the Uniquely You resources.