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Director of Leadership Development & Clergy Health

Ministry Care Centres (check out the list!)

Clergy Care Call in line: 1‐888‐5CLERGY

Clergy Care
   This call in line is staffed by registered counsellors who have ministry
experience. We invite Clergy and their families to call this line for a free and
confidential discussion of the issues you are facing. Focus On The Family Canada
also maintains a list of qualified counsellors nationwide in case you are looking
for someone you can meet with on a regular basis.


Clergy Appreciation Guide
ClergyCare Network - Focus On The Family Canada

Kerith Creek Retreat Centre
   This seven day retreat is designed specifically to give clergy and spouses a
safe place to discuss issues of ministry and life. Each couple receives personal
coaching time with the retreat leaders, who themselves have spent many years
in ministry. For more information, visit

Kerith Pines (East Braintree, MB)

Pastor to Pastor (P2P)

   Download podcasts of informal and intimate interviews. Leading Christian
pastors, authors and experts join host H.B. London Jr. to discuss subjects that
touch the daily personal and professional lives of pastors, other Christian
leaders and their families. Visit our website for details.

Focus On Pastors Enewsletter
   Each month our Clergy Care team publishes an enewsletter specifically for
clergy. In it you will find a few short articles, book recommendations, and
information about clergy resources. To receive this monthly email, simply go to
the Focus On The Family website and follow the links.

Clergy Care retreats are for replenishing spiritually and providing a save place for clergy to process some of the unique challenges of ministry. These retreats are for both spiritual rejuvenation and for relational rebuilding.

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TURBULENCE: Navigating Church Conflicts with Grace

About our Presenters and Sessions:

Misunderstandings and conflicts are inevitable within communities, including church families and even church staffs. These challenges can become a source of understanding and blessing, and can be a powerful witness to God’s character. Join us as we seek to become people of peace, as we identify ways to resolve conflicts with grace and wisdom.

You are invited to join us for a special day of training at Taylor – either as an individual or as a ministry team. It’s a day that will prove to be valuable for any church or organization!



In this day-long workshop we will work toward understanding the types of conflict we all experience daily, examine our own personal conflict style, and build a toolkit to help us resolve conflicts with grace and wisdom. It is not unusual to view conflict as something to prevent or avoid. Through this workshop we will see that although conflict is inevitable, it can lead to positive outcomes. Together we will learn how to find opportunities in conflict.

Turbulence Presenters 2017

 Tyler Williams is Pastor of Greenfield Community Church and a former professor of Old Testament at Taylor University College.

Session 1: Theology of Conflict
Our first session will provide us with a theological model of conflict which will help us reframe our thinking around conflict, to help us see it as a positive, and help us find the opportunity that conflict offers us in our relationships.

Heather Breitkreuz is an Organizational Effectiveness Consultant and a former Instructor at the U of A Faculty of Education; she is on staff at the E P Wahl Centre.

Session 2: Conflict Styles Assessment (Thomas-Kilmann)
Our second session will lead us in an exploration of the five approaches to addressing conflict; the pros and cons of using each style, and how to respond to someone else's style. Through completing the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Style Assessment, we will learn how to flex we own personal conflict style to work best in a variety of situations.

Corey Anderson is a Registered Family Mediator (Alberta Family Mediation Society), working with Fairway Divorce Solutions. He is Chair of the board at Terwillegar Community Church and a former Alliance pastor. He feels a distinct call to use his pastoring background and skills in conflict mediation to work with churches.

Session 3: Collaboration Skills
Our third session will lead us through the collaboration process, including the steps needed to lay the groundwork for ensuring both parties are prepared to enter into conflict resolution. Finally we will work through a variety of scenarios to equip us with tangible experience and skills in handling common conflicts in a church.

Workshop Objectives

At the end of this workshop, we will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the theology of conflict;
  • Identify the five conflict styles, the pros and cons of using each style, and your own personal style;
  • Outline a process for managing interpersonal conflict;
  • Establish your own ground rules for successfully dealing with conflict;
  • Identify and address any barriers to effective conflict that exist in your context;
  • Discover the underlying causes of interpersonal conflict;
  • Develop collaboration skills;
  • Develop a personal action plan for resolving conflict, and more!

A catered lunch will be provided - please let us know of any dietary concerns


EP Wahl Centre Logo


Friday, March 17, 2017 - 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Wahl Centre has a Healthy Pastors Initiative that addresses topics such as:
     *Spiritual Formation
     *Emotional and Cultural Intelligence
     *Leadership and Management
     *Marriage and Family



Kerith Creek 403-931-2047 (AB)

Kerith Pines 1-800-550-5655 (MB)


Fairhaven Ministries 250-260-1616


Oasis Retreats 604-832-6792


Kingsfold Retreat and Renewal Centre 403-932-9531 (AB)

Deer Valley Meadows Camp - Alix, AB (Accommodation available for people in ministry, wanting to come and enjoy a retreat setting with their families. Reasonable rates. Ph. 403-747-2100 to reserve.


Other Resources

Refresh Ministries:
Bringing Encouragement & Renewal to Pastors, Missionaries & Churches


Anapauo House – house of rest


Barnabas Family Ministries 604-886-2220 (BC)

Pastors & Family Retreats


Alan Simpson – Outreach Canada – Conflict Mediation 778-212-2124


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Teresa Wiedrick - Event Coordinator

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